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Tins & Gift Baskets

We have a variety of gift baskets, holiday tins, sports tins, thank you, birthday tins,

and many more for any occasion! Because there are so many varieties of popcorn and

pricing differences between them, it is best to message or call us for your variety of choice.  

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Sports Tins

All sports tins are 3.5 Gallon in size. We have a variety of sports tins, possibly your favorite team! You can order butter filled for $34.99 or butter, Caramel, and Cheese trio for $54.99 on the Shop page. Please call or message us for pricing on other flavor varieties.

1 & 2 Gallon Tins and Buckets

1 Gallon tins are $15.99 filled with butter, and $23.48 for the trio of Butter, Cheese, & Caramel. 2 Gallon tins are $19.99 for butter, $42.99 for trio of butter, caramel, and cheese.

It is extra for different flavors, up to 3 flavors on all tins. Message or call for an accurate price for your flavor choice!

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