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At the Popcorn Café we boast of using the highest quality of ingredients. It starts with great oil to pop the popcorn in daily. The Popcorn is a high grade of mushroom popcorn, which bursts into a large kernel when combined with the coconut oil. Real cheese and flavorful spices are used in our cooking as well.

All ingredients are chosen wisely by us for the best experience you can have as a consumer. Whether you choose butter popcorn or our signature popcorn, Kokomo Krunch, you won’t be disappointed in the flavor or quality of our products.



We are Not Just a Popcorn Store!

Although the Popcorn Café is known for delicious Popcorn, the store hosts a wide variety of fun and bulk candy.  Homemade fudge, pretzels and delicious chocolates all for your choosing are available when you walk in the door at the Cafe.   

If you need something to wash down all those snacks, then look to our wide variety of bubble teas!  Including fruit boba and chewy tapioca! 

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